What are the crucial criteria for evaluating the credibility of automated packaging machine companies?

​​​​​​​In order to evaluate level of trustworthy of automated packaging machine companies, it is necessary to review the experiences of the manufactors. Thus, how can one find the required unit? The following information will help customers find a manufacturer of packaging machines as desired.

Science, technology and mechanics developed machine is a step for all aspects of life, including the manufacturing industry. Typically, this is the advent of automatic packaging machines. Over many years of development, now automatic packaging machines have become a developed production industry for trading, with many lines and numerous machines.

However, with the rapid growth of the automatic machine segment as well as the wholesale company establishments of these models, buyers quickly fall into the matrix of choice. What would you do if you want to buy a product amongst had thousands of seller options? Probably, the first thing you look for is the reputation of the manufactors you are going to buy. Thus, based on the reputation of manufactors for choosing automatic packaging machines, there are some things you need to know when you want to buy automatic packaging machines:

1. Transparent Information:

Transparency is the first step to take into account when evaluating the reputation of a supplier, because:

  • The first simple thing is you have to know who they are to be able to consider the purchase of that unit or not. Without any information, how do you know where the seller is, what clothes he sells, etc.
  • Transparency in information is synonymous with brand transparency, regardless of business people who want their brands to grow, reach out and be well known. Therefore, the ambiguity in the information means that the brand of the goods supplier has a problem.
  • Complete information, will help you to preliminary assess, the seller are aiming to be able to provide the type of goods, specifically here is the automatic packaging machine suitable for you or not. .

For example, An Thanh company with the following information:


Specializes in manufacturing and distributing automatic packaging machines.

Address: 129 Tay Lan Street, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City

PLEASE CONTACT US (order & advice 24/7):

Tel: 0896 6767 39 (Mr.Nam)

2. Senior operating, good advice

Between a newly established company and a company with 20 years of operation in the industry. Which side will you consider? It is common sense for everyone to favor a company with a long service life in the industry. The reasons are:

- Long seniority means that this is a reputable business. Without credibility, any business, in any industries, will fade quickly without the support of customers.

- Seniority, also means that the seller understands very well about the industry in which they operates. The products the manufactors sells and the requirements of the buyer. If you're a shopper, you'll love buying from people who tell you what you need to meet your actual needs. Or who just shows up available catalogs and ... everything. You will want the party who has the ability to provide technical support to repair your device for 30 minutes or one party needs 1 week to study the device's fault. Therefore, seniority is synonymous with knowledge and also synonymous with prestige.

For example, the aforementioned An Thanh Mechanical Company has 20 years in the automatic machine industry, especially the automatic packaging machine. A reputable brand in the South.

automated packaging machine companies

3. Diverse products

This factor is usually quite subjective, but when combined with the above factors, it is also a necessary condition for evaluation.

- The ability to provide a wide range of automatic call packing products, proving that the supplier has the potential and good support team, because each automatic packaging machine has no small value. Large scale usually means strong branding and protection of business brand name is only one thing: prestige offers high quality products and services.

4. Prestige automatic packaging machine distribution location

In the South of Vietnam generally and TP. Ho Chi Minh City in particular, buyers can easily find the line of automatic packaging machines at An Thanh Company. This is one of the most prestigious addresses on the packaging machine market when both producing and directly distributing.

An Thanh automatic packaging machine is manufactured and manufactured based on the latest packaging technology according to foreign standards. Products after packing for beautiful design, quality, make sure not to have any problems during transportation and use.


Factory: 47/80 Ao Doi Street, Binh Tri Dong A Ward, Binh Tan District, HCMC, Vietnam



MOBILE : Sale and Technical Support 24/7

Hotline: 0896 676 739

Zalo: 0896 676 739



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