Grout Powder Packaging Machine

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-  Thanks to strong improvement in producing packaging machine, An Thanh’s grout powder packaging machine surpassed competitors.

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  1. What is Grout Powder Packaging Machine?

Thanks to strong improvement in producing packaging machine, An Thanh’s grout powder packaging machine surpassed competitors’. By bringing high economic efficiency, it becomes an effective tool for high-productivity packaging process with economical cost for cement factories and companies.

  1. What are the features of Grout Powder Packaging Machine?

An Thanh grout powder packing machine has been inovated with electronic scale system . The components of electronic scale system are mostly imported from abroad that ensures stable and long-lasting working ability. By applied electronic weighing system, it allows An Thanh’s grout powder packaging machine to produce packaged bags which are both firmly packed and guaranteed in volume. Besides that, grout powder packaging machine also guarantees accuracy in weight that minimizes wastes and loss in materials. With smart designed, An Thanh’s grout powder packaging machine is capable of operating automatically, smoothly and stably:

  • Automatic functioning of feeding materials turbines
  • Automatically functioning bags to feed materials according to the set volume on the system.
  • Automatically setting off when the packaging or packaging line runs out.
  1. Advantages of An Thanh’s grout powder packaging machine:

  • Simple design, easy to use
  • Components and accessories imported from Germany, Taiwan
  • Optimal performance.
  • Latest packaging technology according to foreign standards
  • High aesthetic packages.
  • Quantitative accuracy.
  • Outstanding motor for smooth, stable and fast operation, minimizing the rate of defective goods.
  • Stainless steel ensuring the material properties are preserved.

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