Horizontal Packaging Machine

The horizontal packaging machine has the function of stable operation, saving fuel thanks to its simple, compact structure. The machine is used to pack different types of products such as confectionery, medical equipment, stationery, dry food, etc.

What are features of An Thanh Packaging Company’s Horizontal Packaging Machine?

  • A motor product with stable performance, optimal performance and longevity must be made of quality components and components. AnThanh horizontal packaging machine is a representative product of that standard.
  • All machine parts which contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel. Details of operating control units installed with CNC machining for high quantification accuracy;
  • Sensor screens, motors, protection and inverters running Panasonic are imported from Taiwan; Germany; Japan. 
  • In one minute, An Thanh’s horizontal packaging machine can produce from 50 to 300 products (depending on the size) packed firmly and beautifully with the most accurate quantities. 
  • These benefits are exploited optimally thanks to the superior operation of An Thanh's high-capacity lying packaging machine.
  • The design is simple, compact, easy to use and takes little space.
  • Outstanding motor for high performance.
  • Latest packaging technology abided by foreign standards for finished and beautiful packaging.
  • High accuracy, smooth and fast operation, minimize the rate of defective goods below the lowest level.
  • Part contacting materials made of stainless steel against rust, ensuring product quality and safety.

List of horizontal packaging machine Products:

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