Liquid Packaging Machine

Thanks to the varieties of design structures which are suitable for each type of product and material packaging needs, An Thanh's liquid packaging machines with outstanding capacity have been an effective equipment for businesses, production facilities in not only the food and but also cosmetics industries across the country.

An Thanh Packaging Company - a leading supplier of packaging machines in Vietnam
To meet the increasing demands of the market, An Thanh Packaging Company has constantly researched and introduced liquid packaging machines with high performance capacity and state of art design (simple, friendly to use). Thanks to its stainless steel structure, the An Thanh’s liquid packaging machine guarantees high standards of hygiene and resistance to acids, mold and corrosion. Moreover, An Thanh Packaging Company also helps customers who want to have custom-built packaging machinces with reasonable costs and at fastest speed in producing (from designing stage to producing stage).

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