Granule Packing Machine

An Thanh - granular powder packaging machine allows to use both powder and granular products conveniently, quickly and accurately, ensuring a smooth and stable packaging production process with minimized loss rate.Powder packaging machine of An Thanh Packaging Company is products of the most advanced packaging technology with outstanding performance. Packaging products on the market today are quite diverse with designs, brands and different origins. An Thanh packaging machine is one of the brands contributing to that vibrant market.

Advantages of the powder granules packaging machine - An Thanh

  • The design is simple, compact, easy to use and takes little space.
  • Outstanding motor for high performance.
  • Latest packaging technology abided by foreign standards for finished and beautiful packaging.
  • High accuracy, smooth and fast operation, minimize the rate of defective goods below the lowest level.
  • Machine parts which contact with materials are made of stainless steel

What are application of powder – granule packaging machine?

Application of powder - granule packing machine: powder – granule packaging machine are specialized in food technology, the process of packaging products and materials such as rice, tea bag, coffee, bamboo toothpick, pepper, sugar, salt, seasoning, seeds, sugar, cereals, ...

List of powder – granule packaging machine product:

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