Powder packaging machine

An Thanh powder packaging machine has a simple, friendly design with superior motor power for high precision, specialized in packaging flour products, such as flour, coffee powder, cereal, flour seasoning, salt, sugar, animal food, etc. in a convenient, safe, quality and economical way.

Powder packaging machine - a tool for a fast and economical production process

The process of producing food will be shortened, saving time and labor costs when enterprises and production facilities know how to apply automation process in a reasonable way. A modern, high-capacity packaging machine which meet the specific needs of your business is essential to invest.

Specifically, with the types of powdered products or materials such as coffee, salt, sugar, seasoning, cereals, animal feed, ... will be packaged into finished products neatly, firmly, beautifully and conveniently by the modern, smart and user-friendly powder packaging machines.

An Thanh Pacakaging Company powder packaging machine - Choice for quality, safety and economical standards

An Thanh Packaging Company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of packaging machines in Vietnam market for many years. An Thanh’s customers are enterprises, production facilities, large and small.

Advantages of An Thanh Packaging Company’s Powder Packaging Machine

  • Simple design, compact, easy to use and less occupied area.
  • Outstanding motor for high performance.
  • The latest packaging technology following foreign standards for finished and beautiful packaging products.
  • High accuracy, smooth and fast operation, minimize the rate of defective goods below the lowest level.
  • The contact part is made of stainless steel to prevent rust, ensure product quality, safety and hygiene

Application of Powder packaging machine

An Thanh Packaging Company’s powder packaging machine is specialized in food technology, the process of packaging products with raw materials such as coffee, cereals, salt, flour, herbs, animal food, etc.

To experience as well as try the product of powder packaging machines, or other packaging equipment, please come directly to our company.

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