Warranty Policy

The warranty policy of An Thanh Packaging Machine Company is issued to apply to all products shipped from the factory. We understand that any damages occuring during the use of our equipment is inconvenient by the customer. However, we cannot guarantee 100% of what can happen. Therefore, our warranty policy allows customers to understand that we are always with you. Our commitments: 100% imported components, 12-month warranty period, during the warranty period if the product is defective due to manufacturer fault, it will be 100% guaranteed and free of charge. .

Warranty conditions:

The product is warranted free of charge if all of the following conditions are met:

Products on the list of warranties:

  • After inspection, it is found that the product has a manufacturing defect
  • The warranty period on the warranty card is still valid
  • Products are monitored for warranty with the registered phone number of the customer, or the record has been saved in An Thanh when buying equipment.


  • Products are not manufactured by An Thanh
  • Product does not meet one of the conditions of warranty in item 1
  • The machine is supplied with the wrong power source according to the manufacturer's regulations

Customers voluntarily repair the product or take it to the repair center for warranty not authorized by the Manufacturer. In the following cases the product is also not covered: Natural disasters, floods, thunder, fires, accidents, cracking or collisions due to transport, poor product storage, auto wear parts. However, like a cutter or a resistor. However, to better support our customers, we will advise and provide replacement parts at a discounted price. The product has been damaged by a users’ error, and this defect is completely not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. In this case, An Thanh Packaging Machine Company will advise customers to have the fastest time and lowest cost. In case of expense, our customer service staff will advise customers fully before repairing if any.

Mode of warranty application

Warranty location: Warranty location is listed in the warranty card accompanying the product. Please contact our customer service directly for specific advice.

Warranty implementation period

As soon as receiving the warranty request information from customers, An Thanh Packaging Machine Company will appoint a technical advisory department to coordinate checking and checking the status of the machine to guide customers as specifically as possible. In case of replacement of components, we always have spare parts and supplies available to meet the replacement needs for the device. In case of remote location, we will send technicians as quickly as possible to meet the equipment warranty but no later than 48 hours from the time of receiving the notice problem. For the case where the equipment warranty location is abroad, please support travel costs, visa and accommodation for our technical staff.


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